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afrikanische Rezepte

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  1. Actually, you are doing very well.If you get one or two of the miniguns (two abecuse it looks like you only have one), It will end up costing you for upkeep, upkeep is 1500 per gun each time you get paid.That kind of sucks. but really you need them.Get a bullet proof vest for each person in your mobGet enough property to make more money than you have to spend in upkeep. remember, each time you buy property, the cost goes up. not sure but i think it’s 500 each time on the little lot, 1000 on the next size up and so on. or it may be 500 all the way around (don’t count on it lol).You need a weapon for each person in your group.The better the choice of weapon for each person, the better.log indo missions till you have no more energy,do fights till you hit the hospitalchunk money in bank.log out.Never, Ever pay for a visit to the Hospital again.Unless you have nothing to buy,and tons of cash just rolling in.

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